Howdy! Howdy!

Lisa here. I am so excited to take you on my journey. It is a journey of hope and growth and love. Welcome to my page.

I have always loved to grow and eat and share food. I have been helping Chefs, schools, and the community connect to how our foods grow for sixteen years. As a student at Cal Poly I enjoyed my lab classes where I could learn by doing. I interned with Laguna Middle school at their school gardens. I graduated with a horticulture degree with two young kids to raise. I spent lots of time cooking with them, giving them a love of nature. I volunteered in their classes, often in the garden. I love seeing their curiosity.

I worked at farms and in a garden center, helping the community find success growing more. I love following my food from seed to plate and enjoy seeing others express their food curiosity.

All of these steps have led me here. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.