Half Moon Herbary

Half Moon Herbary at Lunacy Ranch

Chef truck

We will provide our produce to local Chefs with a delivery day twice a week, Monday and Thursday.

Direct to consumer

We will be growing to sell to the public. We will use Harvestly to sell our seasonal goods.

Garden Mentor

I love growing food. I enjoy helping others grow too. I hope to be able to continue as a garden mentor to local Chefs that want to grow a kitchen garden. My services wil be to offer advice and training on setting up and maintaining a kitchen garden as well as providing select plant starters to keep their garden growing.

Provenders Place

I always wanted to be part of a thriving food community. Lunacy Ranch is surrounded by a diverse self sufficient community. I hope to offer a farm stand where I and anyone who grew extra food can come together to buy and sell from our neighbors.